Matsu Berserker 1, Temple of Osano-Wo Monk 1


The monk now known as Aya was a proud Matsu in her former life, and she fervently wishes she still was. She doesn’t like to talk about what happened, but it drives her still. Her mother died gloriously when she was still a baby and the family arranged another marriage for her father. A half-sister quickly followed, and growing up a rivalry was inevitable. It also did not help her step-mother and she loathed each other. She was overly prideful, and in her mind her step-mother could never compete with her idealized real mother.

It was an impossible situation and it all came to a head during the Clan Wars. Her family was obviously loyal to Matsu Tsuko, she chose Toturi. It would be nice if that choice was motivated by some higher purpose but honestly, she just wanted to measure herself against her sister and stepmother to prove herself the more worthy and superior warrior.

Even though the entire clan rallied behind Toturi in the end her choice was the straw that broke the camel’s back and forced her father to make a choice as well. He sided with his wife and second daughter of course. Still, she had done nothing dishonorable, so sepukku, the Deathseekers or being made a ronin were not options. The monastery was the only route left, so that is were she went.

Even the Temple of Osano-Wo had trouble managing the perpetually angry former Matsu. She took to the martial arts training with relish, but everything else was… problematic. She treats the tao, and really most things as if she was still a Matsu, hoping against odds that like the Lion Champion she might be called back to duty. Aya is constantly looking for the next challenge, to measure herself against her fellow students, her sensei, masters of other dojo, even bandits. It doesn’t matter.

In the end her abbot send her out in the world, to either find some balance and peace or a glorious death like her mother…


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