Bayushi Kunio

Soshi Magistrate 1


Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 175
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Hazel

Bayushi Kunio is a relatively recent arrival in Zakyo Toshi, having only been assigned to the area four months ago. Few are certain exactly why he was reassigned, especially since, being a low-ranking clan magistrate, he has little enough to do outside of Scorpion lands, but many will quite willingly claim that it had something to do with causing disruptions. Kunio certainly does not conform to the common stereotype of a Bayushi – where they are often seen as being silky smooth while concealing the steel within, he is a rude, insulting, hard man who seems to be more willing to terrify others into submission rather than calmly coaxing and manipulating. Many peasants and low-ranking samurai in Pleasure City have learned to steer clear of him when possible, and that seems to be just the way Kunio likes it.

His family is one of well-established, if not terribly noteworthy, magistrates. His parents were matched within the extended Bayushi family – his father being Bayushi Yashin, a mid-level legal clerk in Kyuden Bayushi, and his mother Bayushi Mutsuya is one of the many courtiers assigned to attend to lower-level diplomats sent to the court of the Scorpion Champion, a path that has also been followed by Kunio’s younger sister Hieko. Kunio’s law enforcement service, however, has been anything but quiet or obscure, as his “investigations” have regularly featured disappearing witnesses or defendants, and he’s even been suspected in the death of his former superior, Bayushi Geyasu, although no testimony regarding his role in that affair has ever surfaced, so no attempts have been made to try him for the murder. It was after this affair, though, that he was transferred to Zakyo Toshi, after being claiming his late superior’s position, leading to the alternate theory that the Scorpion have effectively sent him away lest he cause more damage to their own lands.
What motivates him? Why is he the way he is? None can say, really. Bayushi Kunio is certainly a man of many secrets, but for now, most are too afraid of him to do much digging…

Bayushi Kunio

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