Ichiro Ashi


Ashi is in the start of his waning years of his life, possibly He has already reached them. His life so far was met with many duties.
Ashi’s childhood was spent with his mother after his father had fallen defending the gates of their mountain pass home. And so his mother travelled to the city of the rich frog, helping other badger Men find suitable partners to rebuild the clan.

After his Gempenku he began his Mercenary work, beginning with escorting Scorpion trade convoys, after some time his mother arranged him to marry Ugawa Kazue who Ashi calls his “Scary wife that wore a mask”… However days later a freak rock slide killed her on route to their new home. As it was an accident, everyone just kind of Released everyone from their deals.

Ashi however was sent to Guard Crane Courtiers as they negotiated for Dragon ores… His mother again negotiated him to marry this time Kakita Saya who was set upon by bandits 12 hours after the Ceremony… Ashi hunted down and executed the bandits and while he found her attractive the prospect of " Changing his name and giving up his Tetsubo for a fine Crane blade was also not encouraging" he spent the next 4 years working for the crane.

His mother believing he was cursed passed without arranging another marriage, However her successor Arranged him to marry Yorimoto Chiyo. He was strong and she was from a rich family a perfect match, until wolves ate her a week into their marriage. Her family were enraged even more so when he said that it was her own fault for provoking them her brother vowed revenge
He moved to the Lion / Unicorn border
Here he met possibly the only person he would ever love Matsu Niomi, Though fate was not kind, and she vanished many months later. He ended up Guarding the Unicorn Village of Green Springs from bandits, was it fate or tragedy that intervened then. The leader was a cruel person who whipped his horse with a spiked tool. After beating the Gang and taking the leader to the local lord, Then the ploy was unmasked and it was the Very child of the lord who had hired him…. Ashi knew that the whole thing would be swept under the rug especially when the Lord offered him a yearly stipend to be silent… Something in his mind clicked… If there would be no justice then he would be the instrument of Vengeance. He took the horse a fine unicorn stallion who he renamed komodaru… The horse does show genuine affection for the Badger, possibly due to the fact he never rides her, and she merely caries his supply of dried meat and Sake… But mostly because she is no longer beaten.

Ichiro Ashi

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