Ronin Void Mystic 2


Clan ronin (Isawa family)/Void Mystic rank 2 (162 Insight)

(xp: 29/29)

Honor: 4,3
Glory: 1,3
Status 0,0

Earth 3
Air 2 (Ref 3)
Fire 3
Water 2
Void 4

Caligraphy (Cipher) 1
Lore: Theology 1
Lore: Elements 2
Meditation 2
Medicine 1
Divination 2
Spellcraft 1

Kenjutsu 3
Iaijutsu 3
Etiquette 2
Sincerity 1
Investigation 1
Hunting 1
Games: Fortunes and winds 1

Adv: Ishiken do (free from school), Crafty 3, Lucky 3, Friend of the Elements (earth) (free from heritage table), Void Versatility (fire) 4, 2nd heritage roll 1
Dis: Touch of the Void (free from school), Ascetic (free from heritage table), Bounty 2, Disbeliever 3, Dark Edge Reputation 2, Social Disadvantage 3

Equipment: Robes, Daisho, Scroll Satchel, Traveling Pack

Technique: You may cast any Void spell up to your current Mastery Level, expending a Spell Slot as normal. Mechanically, the spell is cast as normal, but you do not need to speak aloud to cast your spells. You may only cast each Spell once per day, and you may never cast Void spells above Rank 5. You also gain a Free Raise to the Divination Skill.


Age: 17
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 1,62
Weight: 61

Months before the First Day of Thunder, Shiba knelt in front of Isawa. Years before the Second Day of Thunder, Shiba Ryuki knelt in front of Isawa Eito and offered her service as his yojimbo. Then, the way Mizuhiko sees his family story, she kept kneeling. No one knows if it was a noble and worth remembering act. Mizuhiko believes that his conception was probably a quite sweaty matter. The fire kami used to do that to his dad all the time, but this is a story for another time and place, one that only those three present (yes, Mizuhiro was present in a way) and the void know.

The Isawa and the Shiba fell in love. They were both married to two fine samurai. You know… the ones that carry long, sharp swords and banners of honor. But! Their common experiences, the fact that they were traveling together all the time and the kneeling, of course, brought them together. One day under an old oak deep in the Isawa Forest, Ryuki revealed her pregrancy. One night under the same oak tree Eito promised to take care of his new family. Yes, there was kneeling involved. Various issues with their respected spouses came up and after some more kneeling, Ryuki convinced the Isawa that their child’s best chances would be if they fled. And that they did. They both left their family mons aside and left for a musha shugyo with no return, as they believed at the time.

Two ronin, Tetsuo and Hiromi reached the Dark Edge Village. He was a priest and she was a duelist. There they made a life together. Hiro was born and more trouble appeared. Hiro was different, vastly and with no apparent explanation different. Tetsuo started teaching him the way of his school and even though, Hiro was able to speak to the kami, his connection seemed far less than his weirdness. And came a time that Tetsuo understood his son and he panicked. Mizuhiko, as he is called today, still doesn’t know if the void drove his father away and thus clearing his way of any delusions that priests host in their small minds, or if he was just a coward. But, it happened. Tetsuo announced that his own quest was over. He was to become Isawa Eito again and return to his ancestral lands. He left a satchel with various scrolls behind for his son, wished them both luck and walked away.

Hiromi tried hard. She started teaching the way of the sword to her son and for the very first time in his life, Hiro felt even remotely focused. And more years came to pass. The boy became a teenager. The ishi could explain himself easier to his mom than he had ever managed to do with his father during the years of his training with him. She never judged him for who he was. He never asked who he was. About four years ago, the calmness came to an end and waves of reality hit the 13 year old Mizuhiko. His mother departed from the small part of the world that the void allowed them to call Ningen do. How it happened? Does it matter? It did. There was a duel. An unfocused moment. A brutal opponent. It hardly matters how it happened. Mizuhiko and his mother spent exactly 12.481 heartbeats together before her path towards a new self began. It was the first time they talked. Ancestry, reasons, dangers. Everything was revealed. And advise was given. The only thing he did before leaving the Dark Edge Village was to burn his father’s scrolls. He kept the satchel and some koku he found inside. He was practical. Sometimes.

The boy began a long journey towards the Scorpion lands. If anyone could keep the Isawa and their spies away from their lands, they would definately be the Scorpion. The details of the trip don’t matter. It would be hard for anyone and Mizuhiko was only 13 years old. In the end, after some long months, he arrived at the entrance of the Temple of Osano Wo and collapsed, but the experiences on the road made him tougher than most of his age. He stayed there until the age of fifteen. Life in the monastery taught him how to live an even simpler life than he had been living until now and that has been a valuable lesson. He would never survive the experience if the Isawa ever found him, so seeking glory and wealth was never meant to be his path in this life. Before leaving, he left his father’s 5 koku at the temple. He was a man of his own by now and he hardly needed another man’s money. He was not practical. Most of the times.

Since then, Mizuhiko carrying his mother’s daisho, walks the roads and streets of Rokugan. He hires his service as a duelist and is always on the move. No one knows when the Isawa may spot him. He felt the woman (Kaede) once and she was both a magnificent and a fearful presence in the void. His travels have not been uneventful, though. Different, strange or not so strange, events have transpired. Once he even got mixed up in a weird invitation for tea in the private chambers of a fair lady that quickly had him out of his clothes. It was a quite nice experience until an old woman opened the door and started screaming. Anyway, he is never going back to North Hub village. There is a not so nice, 5 koku bounty for him. I mean, yes… The Kasuga girl was nice, but since then Mizuhiko has had more cups of tea of various blends.

Background story (known):

Mizuhiko is a ronin duelist from Dark Edge Village. He has traveled a lot (for his age).


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