Tag: Shop


  • Listing Ship

    The Listing Ship was a Mantis shop in [[Zakyo Toshi | Zakyo Toshi]]. Located by the docks, it was a large shop offering every manner of gear. Run by the young maid Toshiko. Often watched by Yellow Canary who have a crush on her.

  • Dusty Caravan

    The Dusty Caravan was a store in [[Zakyo Toshi | Zakyo Toshi]] selling unusual and exotic merchandise, usually spices and gaijin gear from the Burning Sands.

  • Shogi's Pawn

    Shogi's Pawn was a store in [[Zakyo Toshi | Zakyo Toshi]] founded in the 8th century, handed down through the generations from father to child. They bought things from customers and then not sell them for up to one month, thus letting the customer …

  • Fat Rat

    The Laughing Cat was a shop in[[Zakyo Toshi | Zakyo Toshi]] which sold clothing, silks, footware, and the like. When it had a severe run of bad luck the owners renamed their business the Fat Rat, in honor of the servants of Daikoku.

  • Jade Cup

    The Jade Cup was a small gambling house in [[Zakyo Toshi | Zakyo Toshi]], which used green porcelain cups in their dice game.