Tag: Temple


  • Shinden Isora

    Shinden Isora was constructed recently by an unknown benefactor. It is located in the shores of the south side of the lake. There is a small dock nearby and there are always kobune there. There are paths from the temple to the docks and the nearby …

  • Shrine to Ebisu

    The Shrine to Ebisu in [[Zakyo Toshi | Zakyo Toshi]] was located just inside the [[Opportunity Gate | Opportunity Gate]], where caravans entered and left the city. It was very opulent and well-kept.

  • Shrine to Daikoku

    The Shrine to Daikoku in [[Zakyo Toshi | Zakyo Toshi]] was located right next to the [[Counting House | Counting House]]. The wealthy patrons of the Merchant Council afforded to fund a statue of Daikoku cast of solid gold. Many late-night revelers fell …