Kasuga Stasha

Half-gaijin Cartel Matriarch


Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 1,63 m
Hair: Red(died of course, using henna), natural is brown.
Eyes: Brown
Father: Kasuga Jaap (Dead)
Mother: Kasuga Amiko (Dead)
Siblings: None that I know of.
Children: Sakura, Ichiro

She can usually be found during morning at the Shrine of Isora.

My pet cat Sekhmet:


I was born in Amaterasu’s Embrace. My mother had a kobune ready to take her out to the open as soon as the first pains began. Superstitious I know, but I am living in a world were Gods walk among mortals. Furthermore she was one of the few members of the Someisa vassal family of the Kasuga. They are a small family dedicated in protecting the Eternal Tortoise. So weird things were always part of my life. Even before being born. Once we got past that the Kobune ported in the Sandy Shore Town and a huge feast followed. Not that I would know. See, I was brought before the Eternal Tortoise. Not sure what She did with other kids but according to my aunt, She liked me and allowed me to ride her. She even got outside Her pool and swam in the air. Sadly I remember nothing of this short. I was less than a week old, how could I?

In any case my childhood was good, if a little weird. I spent the years till my gemppuku in Kyuden Kasuga. I saw my father rarely, since he had business across the sea. There were mom and aunt and of course Her. The Scorpion Clan coup and the unpleasantness that followed came and went and I did not see any difference. Our kojiro appeared to the Emperor and he was allowed to live. Yet the Coup might have influenced my training, my soon to be sensei was a former Soshi after all. One marriage later (with my aunt) and lots of barrels of gaijin pepper being delivered to a certain drop point somewhere in Beiden province, Kasuga Singen, formerly of the Soshi, became my sensei and a close friend with both my parents. I think that was the last time I saw dad. Couple of months later he was claimed by the Sea of Shadows, or so our Kojiro told us.

The main reason I saw dad so rarely was that the kami do not exist outside Rokugan. He spent most of his time in Merenae, Thane or Kameyama Jima. He would return from time to time and he would always bring some strange thing from the lands across, but I knew since being a kid that I would never be able to follow him. My path was different. So I spent most of my time in Kyuden Kasuga doing what any kid who has a supernatural creature as friend and access to the best library in Rokugan would do. I had fun, I learn as much as I could and trusted my sensei. He taught me how to whisper to the kami, while his wife, my aunt Kasuga no Someisa Atsuko, one of the caretakers of the Eternal Tortoise, taught me the Path of No Path.

My life till my gempukku was good. I was special and few things went contrary to my wishes. I could claim to be a happy kid. We received world of the events of the Clan Wars but we were hardly touched (why should we?), it was an internal issue and our duty had nothing to do with it. It all seemed as something happening far away. My trials took place sometime after the sacking of the capital by the Crab. When they stranded me with a blind sailor on a small kobune somewhere north of the valley of the Centipede, it was a simple matter to speak with the water kami and find my way back home. When I was told to become someones friend and gain his secrets it was even easier. Everyone says everything to their sensei. If anything, samurai are gullible. After the treasure hunt trial my opponent had to spend three more years with his sensei before he finally passed gempukku. I am pretty confident he hates me but I bear him no ill will. During the weapon trial I summoned a katana from green, blue flames and shocked the judges by my completely shameless exploitation of the kami, as one of them called it. I failed the mercantile trial though by some views. I refused to barter with anyone, and had my personal servant Kaiman handle it. My argument was there are smugglers and bushi for this kind of service, I am a servant of the kami, I had more important things to do. My sensei was proud, he told me as much. So did my aunt. My mother had retired some time before that and died a little later. I don’t miss her as much as dad.

In other more important news the Crab have butchered the Lion in the fields of Otosan Uchi. The Kami That Shall Not Be Named possessed the Son of Heavens. The Second Day of Thunder was upon us. I might have been safe in Kyuden Kasuga but many of my clan were not that lucky. We had more funerals during that year than in my whole previous life. Soon I inherited a trade network that connected Rokugan with Merenae and Thane. I had assistance and it turned out well more or less. I had help from people that I respect despite their caste and the color of their skin. These are my people and they know that I serve them as much as they serve me. Yet soon after, as normalcy was restored by the new Emperor, it was clear that someone was targeting my family business. My sensei’s contacts among the Underhand confirmed it, but could not (or would not) name the offender. I strongly suspect the Mantis, but I will bide my time till I know more.

Our new Emperor seems perplexed by us and most of the clan is worried about the thickness of our shell. As the first servant of the kami to be born in our clan for at least a century and leader of my own family business many turned to me for answers. They expected me to ask the Eternal Tortoise, but I did not need to do that. As She did not need an Emperor to protect her, so did we. It was time for us to prove ourselves to this new Emperor. Thus I decided to leave Kyuden Kasuga and Her. I miss Her and I hope She does too, but I have some family business to deal with and Kyuden Kasuga given our Kojiro’s ties with the Mantis was not safe for me anymore. I had already turned down a couple of marriage proposals. None seemed interesting and becoming the trophy wife of any salty pirate from the Islands of Spice is not among my plans. Don’t get me wrong, I have marriage plans, but they involve servants of the kami only. As a side note I am quite liberal with my sex life, with both sexes and whenever I can, I play go with people. Kids are the promise of future and I consider it my duty to produce another servant of the kami for my clan before I continue my path to Meido. Sadly none of my two kids (one with my sensei and one with a Seppun member of the Hidden Guard) were able to speak with the kami. They are both back in Kyuden Kasuga, being raised by my aunt. I visit them as often as my duty will allow me, but I know that I can trust my aunt to be a better mother than I would be able to be, given my age. I think she knows that Sakura is Singen’s daughter but she has never brought it up. I think she approves. She has had three miscarriages before giving up.

Zakyo Toshi seemed a nice enough place for me to set up. My sensei has already taught me how to swim, this time I will have to actually do it. I commissioned a small temple to Isora-no-Kami, the fortune of shores. Once it was ready I moved there and started learning about the locals. I live in my pleasure barge, that I occasionally allow for costumers. I prefer keeping it exclusive, it is my home after all. I have kobune going up and down the Small Trade River and I have already recruited some muscle and one of the local magistrates. My sensei opened for me many doors among the Scorpion.

I am not superstitious. By Rokugani standards I am probably a pragmatist. Still I always carry in my satchel a small pouch with blessed sea salt and I will always provide it any clanmate that will request it. It was Someisas greatest gift to me. The Tortoise clan already knew that purified sea salt is a ward against evil spirits. I was taught the proper prayer to bless the sea salt. I hope that some time I will find a Yogo to study the blessed sea salt. I wonder what he will find. Some people believe that I am spoiled. I don’t see it this way. I am special and I am doing my duty. Nothing wrong with living life while one does that. Ultimately I don’t ask for much. A good husband, a gifted child and a good death. I hope that when I die my ashes are scattered at the sea, near the place my mother gave birth to me. It seems fitting.

Kasuga Stasha

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