Miya Hoshiko

Miya Herald


Rank 1
insight: 141


Hoshiko is the youngest child of her family and the one that seemed to take to books and persuits of knowledge far faster than her older brothers. Always well protected by them she took to listening and reading stories and reciting what she learned from them like a fish takes to water. When she was old enough she went into the family’s school. She excelled in her studies but took little time to go outside save for learning how to ride her horse. She named him hotaru. usually the one to stay indoors and read or write she does like the company of others but can’t help but want to tells stories or get stories from the samurai around her. When she is interested in something she will stop at nothing to get the intelligence she needs to make all the connections right. She can recall the things told to her as if she was just being told and she can visualize what she sees even far after she had seen it.

This off puts some people but generally people like having her around because she makes them happy and she can keep everyone either laughing or at least talking and getting them off topic is something she likes to do. A way to get people to not duel eachother or do something that could cause such a thing. She has just recently arrived in Zakyo Toshi. One of her brother’s saw her there and then promptly left for his post. She was sent here to get more wordly experience but she’s not so sure what this is going to teach her but she is determined to learn something of this place.

Miya Hoshiko

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