Alleys of Zakyo Toshi

Kasuga Stasha's Journal

D0 Summary

It has been a while that I have moved to Zakyo Toshi, but I've not been active in the town, in order to avoid drawing any unwanted attention.

The day started as usual for on Isora's Embrace, but soon after I was having breakfast at the gardens of Shinden Isora with Kaiman, while he briefed me on subjects, he felt I needed to know (I mostly paid attention as much as needed in order not to offend him). Once he was done I informed him that I would need a new bodyguard, an appointment with Yogo Hira (the Scorpion member of the Merchant Council that ruled the town) and a monk to escort me to town.

After breakfast, with the monk Uona, we walked our way to the ferry that would take us to the town, since I wanted to do some shopping. I always found monks weird (weird always turned me on also) and Uona being athletic and all did not help, so I tried seducing her. That did not went the way it should have and awkwardly we continued our trip via ferry to town together.

While still on the ferry I noticed a commotion taking place at the docks and with surprise I noticed Mizuhiko, an old acquaintance from North Hub village, who disappeared unexpectedly on me, being involved. Sadly Bayushi Kunio, my favorite Scorpion in Zakyo Toshi, appeared in time to prevent any brawl from starting. In any case I approached the group and met, Mizuhiko, Aya, Ichiro Aishi, and Miya Hoshiko. I already had a working relation with Kunio, and arranging all of them having tea together was easy (so much for shopping…). Aya was a monk of Osano-Wo and a traveling companion of Mizuhiko. At the time I sure that there was something more going on between them and my feelings on the subject were complicated. I was kinda pissed with him for leaving without saying anything and felt a little jealous. The monk being totally hot did not help. My assumptions were proven completely wrong later. The Badger was a large guy and he was looking for a job, so at least I found the bodyguard i was looking. I sent him to Kaiman to arrange the paperwork. Now the Imperial smelled troubled. She was cute and well manner, as expected and she clearly knew how to avoid messy situations, judging by the scarcity of her words. She seemed to be working for the dockmaster.

Soon after we were all together at Celestial Rest, an inn run by the monks of the Order of Osano-Wo. I used the opportunity to suggest to the group that we explore the ruins that I wanted cleared and I was happy that they all seemed interested. Aya picked up a fight with one of the monks (she beat him after taking a hit herself) and while she was at it, I made a pass on Mizuhiko. The ronin was more than willing, so I told him to get to my barge and lingered a little longer for the sake of pretext. Once the rest were off, I offered to assist Aya with her wound, got carried away and seduced her too. That allowed me to realized that Mizuhiko and Aya were not yet a thing… Basically I had created a mess, since Aya is a virgin and it seems that the ronin was keeping some secrets from her.

I left the by now confused monk after a brief chat and headed back to my barge. I caught up with mizuhiko (verbally and physically). It seemed that someone has put a bounty on the ronin's head and that made him leave north Hub village so swiftly. This is probably the first solid clue I have on finally finding out who was killing my relatives for the past years. I did not mention anything about Aya but soon after sex with him, when the monk showed up I offered both of them one of my fans and they clearly got the message. I also explained that I have used illusions to look like Kasuga Reiha, for reasons that have to do with my physical well being (I must admit that I did not expect them to accept my word so easily). The two of them had a chat, while I fooled around with Sekhmet (the cat is always grumpy when new people show up on the barge and she has been acting strange again) and then I spend more time with Aya. By now the monk has verified most of my assumptions and that allowed me to get over whatever harsh feelings I had for Mizuhiko, plus Aya was really athletic (her being completely out of her game was an extra bonus I guess). i think I like Aya more than i admit to myself.

We had dinner all together and Miya Hoshiko showed up randomly, moments before her barge left the docks. We made a small stop at Shinden Isora to pick up the Abbot. Reverent Fumo was very open with his advice (if a little persistent) and we had an interesting evening, which ended with me leaving alongside the Imperial.

The Miya was not as easy as the rest to seduce, despite the rum (it was my last bottle, I hope Kaiman gets me some more sooner than later). Still I had a good time while swapping stories with her until I fell asleep.

All in all it was a productive day. I made new friends and met old ones. I have a clue to work on and after months of preparing myself I can start being more active.


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