Zakyo Toshi

Pleasure City (A17) was a heaven for lechery and vice, kept clean only by the interference of the Imperial troops stationed here to guard the Scorpion-Fox-Sparrow borders. It’s name might have been suitable five hundred years ago, but now it was simply a decorative name of one of the busiest commercial cities in the south.

Zakyo Toshi was was built amid the hills, founded in 670 by merchants traveling the southern land trade routes, as a stopover point near the Shinomen Mori. A small tributary of the River of Gold would be used to replenish goods and as a trade route, and renamed Small Trade River. The southern half of the city had no bridges across the river, and the ferrymen transported customers from one side of the river to the other. The city soon became known colloquially as Pleasure City, since any item of luxury or leisure could easily be found within. All kind of bandits were attracted to the area, and they preyed upon the caravans. In 687 its star began to decline as the trade moved to the fluvial lane through the River of Gold, which had a lower risk of banditry.

In 701, the Merchant Council, rulers of the city, decided to renovate the city, which was also known as the “city of the White Walls”. New trade came in, but mostly came from bandits who needed a place to sell the goods and spend the money they had stolen.

In 815 wandering creatures of the Shadowlands were seen in their way to the Shinomen Mori. A detachment of the Imperial Guard was assigned to support the local Emerald Magistrate. In 824 Moto Tsume stopped and re-provisioned at the city in his doomed march to the Shadowlands.

During the war between the Hare and the Fox in 1090, Zakyo Toshi was a neutral ground, where both sides in the conflict sent their bushi for rest and relaxation.

In the brisk of the Clan War, sightings of Naga circulated in the city. In 1125 a small delegation of the serpentine creatures briefly visited the city, but did not stay for long.


  • Docks District – North side of the Small Trade River.
  • Eta District
  • Merchant District – North of the Docks. Shrine to Daikoku and Shrine to Ebisu are located here.
  • Pleasure District
  • Samurai District – Has nicer gardens and hot baths.
  • Residential District – Has gardens with hot baths.

Notable Locations


Zakyo Toshi

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